Plastic of different kinds, for different solutions.

We suggest to our clients and analyse with them the most suitable materials.

Choice of materials

The expertise gained by Ivoplast allows for working and transforming all the plastic materials and engineering plastics available on the market. Ivoplast represents a valid partner for its clients in offering solutions and advice even in the stage of studying and developing the product by suggesting suitable materials; at the same time, it follows the industrialization and creation of moulds and products. Technical progress means that we can now make use of more sophisticated and better-performing plastic materials and reinforced engineering plastics.
We come across thermoplastic polymers all throughout our daily lives. Over the years, constant research and development have boosted the technical characteristics of Polymers to guarantee a considerable improvement in terms of quality and reliability. Thanks to these results, "traditional" materials such as wood, glass, iron, aluminium, steel, ceramic have now been replaced. Every day there are more and more applications . . . because there are more and more advantages!
The choice of the right material is suggested and analysed together with the client to provide the best technical and qualitative balance of the final product.

Metal replacement

In specific terms, the range of Reinforced Thermoplastic Polymers has been used in many recent applications as a substitute for metal.
These Polymers contain added reinforcements or fibres such as glass, carbon, or other materials, depending on the characteristics or use required.
This reinforcement improves the technical and mechanical features of the Polymer allowing it to be a valid substitute for "traditional" materials.

The advantages of the product are:

  • reduced weight
  • improved industrialization
  • integration of joints and frames
  • freedom of design
  • reduced final cost

We are now developing many different applications together with our clients.

Industrial design

In the planning stage our team of Engineers, Technicians and Designers work alongside the client to provide support in the concept design stage.
Through gathering data and after analysing the needs of our client, our designers synthesize and design the 3D model from which the first functional prototypes are made.

Structural analyses

These are carried out in the preliminary stage of product research, therefore on the complete 3D design, to evaluate and determine the level of resistance of the final product's structure.
To achieve this, the structural analysis highlights and synthesizes the distribution of internal forces, movements, tensions and deformations of the product by simulating the application under "stress".
This analysis is essential for the correct dimensioning and design of the piece which is placed under “load” conditions; at the same time, it represents a fundamental tool to analyse and find a solution to problems relating to the implementation of the product and the mould.