Company Profile

For all your needs.

Know-how, state-of-the-art machinery, and top-level logistics.


110 employees, more than 50 injection presses and 23.000 built-on square metres, Ivoplast can satisfy the most varied production needs even for large-scale products.
We have suitable warehouses available for storage needs.
The internal logistics are maximised by the management of 24-hour continual production flows.

Range of Presses

The range of presses includes over 50 machines, with a clamping force from 40 Tons to 2000 Tons. 2-cylinder presses for dual material applications up to 1000 Tons allow us to provide products of various sizes, weights and using different processes.
We can produce different components for a complex final product, from the small inner-workings to the big external body.


We take care of the industrialization of the product: thanks to our client’s input, we develop and design the project together, we test it using fatigue and load simulations and lastly we follow the planning and building of the mould step by step before testing and launching production.
With specialized suppliers we can offer highly-aesthetic surface treatments to products, with chromium plating or coating.
Thanks to our suitable assembly lines in our factory we proceed to the final assembling and the complete electrical inspection and testing on products in line with IMQ and UL regulations.