Simple solutions for complex problems.

Making the most of the perfect synthesis between mechanics, electronics and software.

Desiring is achieving.

The experience gained over 50 years of working for the most demanding clients has led to the development of the most complex applications.
Our collaboration with clients has allowed us to offer innovative solutions leading to new and unique "creations" of their kind, thanks to which many of our clients have "built" their success over the years.

Currently, the applications created span across different product sectors, including:


Creation of products for Design furnishings.
Chairs and accessories. Components for office chairs.

Automotive Industry

Creation of parts for interiors with aesthetic finishings.
Plastic spoliers and external body parts.
Connectors and components for eletrical connections. Mechanical and mechanism components.

Industrial Components

Precision components for various machines.
Mechanical and mechanism components.
Aesthetic and external underbody parts.
Mechanical and inner framework parts.

Domestic Appliances

Precision components for domestic appliances.
Aesthetic parts for domestic appliances.
Mechanical and inner framework parts.
Connectors and components for electrical connections.


Ceiling lights
Inner lamp components
Connectors and components for electric connections.

Thermo-hydraulics and electric motors

Components for submerged and non-submerged pumps.
Components for electric motors.
Components for Aquariums.

Sport and hobbyes

Footwear components.
Components for sport and hobby gear.
Components for Bicycles and Transmission.